Hosting & Domain Names


We use exceptionally robust hosting services, chosen after many years of experience. First class support and flexible service. We have used the same server supplier for the last 5 years, with near 100% up time.

We offer hosting for single static websites, to database driven e-commerce websites and everything in between. With the occasional exception we only host websites that we have built and maintain.

Domain names

The first step for a new project is to book the correct domain name, we often find creative solutions in what can be a difficult area. Contact us if you need to book a domain and can’t find what you need.

Once booked, we will setup your email accounts and give instructions on setting them up on your PC or device.

Domain retrieval

We get the occasional request to retrieve domain names. Maybe a ,web design company has closed down without notice, or a domian name has been left to expire. We do our best to find, renew and transfer your online assets to a secure and reliable service.

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