Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Without this your website will be invisible, and with it your website can be everything you thought it could be. It is a fact that a well constructed, optimized website will out perform a beautiful design every time, clearly both would be good but seo comes first. Its not so much of a mystery as some would have you think, but it does keep changing and you need to adjust your site to respond to those changes.

Our aim is to show you everything you can do yourself, so you can have complete control over your website’s performance and understand how to drive traffic to your site. For that to happen we have to construct your site correctly from the start to give you the best chance of success. Google ‘fruit trees for sale’ or ‘the bowen technique’ our sites are right where they need to be!

Pay Per Click marketing

In a competitive marketplace the free search listings are not always sufficient, then its time to market on-line. We have had some spectacular results with Google ad campaigns and we can help you achieve the same.

Social Media

tempera-column44The effective use of social media, usually via Facebook and Twitter is becoming increasingly important in establishing your presence on the web. We can build your business facebook page, and link to to your blog and twitter for cross account posting. Many clients are familiar with the workings of social media, whilst others need guidance and encouragement. We do not offer a posting service as many SEO specialist do, we feel that it is important for your customers to know that it is you who is communicating with them.

If you have video clips of your business or service, we can set these up in a YouTube gallery for additional exposure.

Social Media is the area of greatest development over the last few years, understanding the possibilities and how to utilize them is now an essential part of your on-line strategy.


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