Website Design & Development

Every project is different, and every client has different ideas about how they want their website to look. Our job is to interpret the first ideas into a working website, so what you see in our portfolio is a combination of our design skills and client requirements.

Often we start from scratch with no more than a few guide line colours to work with, but then we also have clients with an established company look or clear design ideas which we can develop into a finished site. It’s not just how it looks, but designing a clear menu structure to make visiting the site an easy user experience, with room for expansion at a later date if required.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

tempera-column35The more you can vary and update the content of your website, the more you are likely to attract repeat visitors and the better your search engine ranking will be. We have a range of options available to give you direct access to your content. From off the shelf software to the complete content driven website where all your content is editable from a single password protected back office. We are big fans of ‘joomla’ and ‘wordpress’ open source packages which gives you complete control of your website and incredible functionality for a fraction of the price of building a bespoke package.


We generally use Joomla/Virtuemart for larger e-commerce websites, but recently wordpress/woocommerce has taken a step forward in functionality and ease of use, so we have options depending on what and how many products you have to sell. All our payment services use SSL (secure) certificates for processing, and we can work with your existing merchant account supplier, or suggest one of the dedicated web based account. Paypal is a popular choice and we have experience implementing it into a range of applications.

If all this is a foreign language to you, but you have products that you want to sell on line, we can lead you through the maze of options without jargon, to find the most appropriate solution for you


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