Public Sector

The primary websites for Public Sector organizations tend to be built by specialist and usually large website development companies, we have worked with some of these companies and understand the bidding and procurement process they have to go through to win these high value contracts.

Our specialist area is providing websites for smaller departments or specific projects within a larger organization. It is very likely to be quicker and cheaper to ask us to build these types of website than it is to have the website built even by your in house team, and significantly better value than asking your primary site developer.

An example of this is our work for Northumberland National Park, where they needed a fast solution to publish the map of the areas of the National Park affected by the foot and mouth outbreak. Or our work for Somerset County Council, where we have worked for the ‘Somerset Learning & Leisure’ department over a number of years, providing a range of services that have allowed them to meet their objectives in a very cost effective way as required.



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